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Painless Performance Phantom Key Push Button Start System UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
55001 Phantom Key Push Button Start
Color Backlit Blue
55002 Phantom Key Push Button Start
Color Backlit Red
55000 Phantom Key Push Button Start
Color Backlit White

Product Description

Add the cool new technology of keyless ignition to your old hot rod, muscle car or 4X4. Here’s your best option for both added security and this new creature comfort from the automotive aftermarket world.

The Painless Phantom Key allows for the total replacement of most current ignition switches. Simply remove your existing ignition switch, install the backlit stainless pushbutton and allow the Phantom Key’s Module/Relay center do all the work for you. Plus it adds options such as a trunk popper channel, door lock and unlock, dome light on and off along with the added security of not having any key tumblers for a thief to pick.

When you are more than 20 feet away from your vehicle, the LED backlit push button switch will blink showing there is a security device in the vehicle, warding off potential thieves.

When you are within 20 feet of your vehicle, the blinking LED will turn solid. Push the unlock button on the key fob to unlock your doors, climb into the vehicle, push the brake pedal and finally push and hold stainless Phantom Key button to start the engine.

The key fobs have both lock and unlock buttons which function as follows: Pushing and holding the lock button will trigger the 3rd channel to pop the trunk or turn the dome light on and off. Pushing and releasing the lock button will only lock the doors and pushing and releasing the unlock button will unlock the doors.

The key fobs can be programmed to be in what’s called “automatic mode” which is where the system will automatically enable when the fob is within about 20 feet of the vehicle OR they can be programmed to be in what’s called “manual mode” where the unlock key must be pushed to enable the system.

Phantom Key fob may also be used to unlock your vehicle’s OEM power door locks.

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