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PFC Direct Drive Rotor/Hat Assembly

Brand: Performance Friction | Category: Brake Rotors

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Product Description

Performance Friction introduces a two piece floating rotor to work with your stock calipers and braking system!
Made from High Carbon Alloy with copper and molybdenum for high temperature strength and stability
Vanes (all 47) are turned on both ID and OD surfaces to reduce thermal warping and vibration
Runout less than 0.0005” and thickness variation less than 0.0002” to reduce pulsing and vibration
Surface finish less than 0.7 microns
Double-shear bobbin attachment to allow both radial and axial expansion – far superior to BMW Motorsport rotors
Higher precision and tolerances give you a rotor that will reduce drag, eliminate pulsation and vibration, and reduce heat transfer. And, wear is increased as well! Two pounds per rotor lighter with a dimpled finish that performs similar to slotted discs but without the wear.

Direct Drive rotors require a higher initial investment versus BMW Motorsport or floating rotors due to their superior quality but the service cost of replacing the rotors are very similar. Please refer to the Direct Drive replacement disc listing for prices.

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